Today’s post is a little bittersweet and a lot of exciting for a few reasons! First, this home belongs to a dear friend and mentor of mine, Kelley Moore. What you may know is that she is indeed the Kelley in coco+kelley. What you may not know is that her breakfast nook served as my ‘office’ for a little over two years – at my first ever job out of college.

Kelley recently sold her gorgeous Queen Anne home to take on a new design project in a new neighborhood (which I’ve already gotten a peek at and it’s gonna be good!). When she told me she was leaving, I told her that we absolutely had to photograph her home before she left it.


Over the years, I have seen so many versions of this home, that I can’t even recall all of them. When I first worked for Kelley she was going through a very French-inspired phase with feathered lampshades in the living room, and taxidermy roosters in the kitchen. But I like this classic craftsman best when it’s treated with a much more modern mood…

kelley-moore-house-tour_livingroom_2 kelley-moore-house-tour_livingroom_3

I have also told Kelley that she must leave this mirror to me in her will. She says she’s put it in there. It’s such a gem. So much of what makes this home unique is the mix of many antiques and customized vintage pieces – trust me when I say you won’t be able to resource half the items we’re sharing with you today. They have been collected over years and years with a scrutinizing eye!


Kelley Moore has had many career diversions – from a social worker to on-camera lifestyle expert – but what she’s best at is entertaining. She instilled in me my love for extravagant tabletops, and I have been a part of many a dinner party at this very table…

kelley-moore-house-tour_diningroom_1 kelley-moore-house-tour_diningroom_2

And swooned over her envious collection of glassware and china…


Her most recent renovation of the home included a total overhaul of the kitchen, and I love the elements she chose. Nothing makes that gorgeous brass hardware pop better than a light grey!



And then, of course, there is the breakfast nook – my former office area. I much prefer the cheerful wallpaper that she chose to the messy desk and bulletin boards that used to adorn the walls.


But out of all the rooms on the main floor, my favorite is definitely the parlour. I think she refers to it as the library. I refer to it as the bar! The use of color is so unexpected and playful in here.

kelley-moore-house-tour_parlour_1 kelley-moore-house-tour_parlour_4

I’d take a drink with this dapper gent any day of the week, wouldn’t you?


And now for the other bit of exciting news that goes with this post. Starting in March, Kelley Moore is launching a new workshop that I actually find to be an extremely valuable niche for many of us. She’s calling it ‘And We’re Live’, which gives you a hint to what it’s all about. Fine tuning your on-camera skills and learning how to pitch your brand to every type of media. At the end of the three days, you’ll come away with a reel for you to use to pitch brands, TV shows, whatever your goals and desires.

For many of us in the blogging world, I think we all know what an essential part of this business video has become, and I can’t wait to take the class myself. You can read a bit more about it on Rue Daily as well as on Kelley’s blog, and I hope you’ll consider taking it with me in San Francisco! I might even do a guest appearance at her Seattle workshop. And there are plenty more cities to choose from my friends!

Oh, and stay tuned for part two of the house tour! You do not want to miss Kelley’s gorgeous bedroom!

*photography by katie parra // designed by kelley moore and styled by cassandra lavalle

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